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Friday, June 24, 2011

Battle Stations!! Battle Star Galactica Online

BattleStar Galactica Online is based off of the popular TV series which originally premiered in 1978 and was remade in 2004. The show is based around the human civilization being at war with man made machines known as Cylons. The machines have destroyed the 12 colonies and now the survivors must find the secret 13th colony, Earth. They set out in a fleet of civilian class star ships and battlestars. The game is based around the same idea although instead of searching for Earth, humans and cylons are waging battle with each other trying to capture the most territory and resources. You can choose which side you want to be on with cylons having a temporary resource boost. You start the game off in the middle of space in a small fighter class ship. You are walked through basic controls such as movement and fighting which ends in fighting off a small group of cylons. The fleet is forced into a FTL (faster than light) jump which sends them far off course and that is the end of the main tutorial. After that you are for the most part free to do what you want and can roam around ships, space, and colonies doing missions, gathering resources, and rising in the ranks. The game is a massively multiplayer so make sure to get some friends to join up with you.

As you earn currency called cubits you are able to repair and upgrade your ship. Cubits are made by way of completed missions as well as other tasks. In order to move around the different sections of the world you must keep a supply of tilium which is fuel.I have only played the game for a few hours but so far I have noticed few issues. The game is run entirely in the browser with the help of a small addon so almost nothing to download. Graphics are impressive for a game that is browser based and feature full 3D effects. It was oddly enjoyable to fly around the absolutely massive Battlestars and watch the explosions happening on the screen. Controls are almost entirely operable by mouse however there are also shortcuts on the keyboard. I noticed minimal lag while using my rather low end $300 computer. That being said, trying to exit the game was a bit difficult as any controls outside of the game were frozen. So far I feel that this game is well worth the time and can be enjoyed by anyone who loves a little SciFi multiplayer games. If I had to give it a very robust initial rating it would be an 8 out of 10. The game appears really fun and it is interesting to see all of the things I loved in the series but being able to interact with it. Also I am looking forward to being high enough rank to take control of the Pegasus, another Battlestar.

The game still shows a Beta tag but it appears nothing like that to me. A link to the site can be found HERE so go sign up and explore the new world. Who knows, maybe you will join me in spending hours glued to the screen once more. Let me know your thoughts on the game in the section below and I am off to go play some more of this addicting thing.

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