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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

SwapNote 3DS

The biggest omission in Nintendo's 3DS software was a chat client, unlike pictochat for the previous DS systems the new model had nothing, until today that is. Nintendo has finally released SwapNote, a chat client similar to pictochat but with a few improvements and for the 3DS. SwapNote can be downloaded for free and should appear as new software on the homescreen of your device. Once downloaded you can open the application and be greeted with a few tutorials walking the user through basic operation. The interface uses a carousel style for interaction and is pretty barebones but by no means is it lacking. Along the bottom is two buttons, one for creating a new note and the other brings up options for Slide Shows, Delivery reports for SpotPass, Deletion of notes and Settings.

Nintendo's newest software addition gives two options for sending notes and messages. One is via StreetPass (the bluetooth like near field communication) and SpotPass, an email/IM like feature. You will only be able to send messages to friends and they will have to have a 3DS which slightly limits the functionality of this software but still it is better than nothing. When editing a note you have options for a pen and eraser with slight options on either side such as quitting and page flipping. With a double tab of that pen or eraser button though comes the best feature of SwapNote (In my opinion) which is 3D writing. This basically acts as another lair for you to write on and with the top 3D screen will let you see drawings in all its 3rd dimensional glory. Another nice little addition is the ability to add photos, video, and audio to notes that you send out which could be a great option for some situations.

There really isn't much more to talk about just yet but overall the new software is a welcome addition to the system and adds a little more value to a quickly fading portable console. Do you think Nintendo can keep the 3DS afloat with random software updates like this or is the system doomed to crash and burn? Leave your interesting comments down below and as always, have a great day.

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    The Nintendo 3DS is the next generation handheld gaming platform, the successor to the current Nintendo DS. "3DS" was a tentative name mentioned in rumors prior to the reveal but it became official when it was announced as such during E3 2010.

    Daniel Smith