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Monday, December 19, 2011

Xbox360 Applications

The newest update to the Xbox dashboard brought us a new look and many new features but the best feature (in my opinion) was the applications. At the time there was very little to work with but now and within the future there will be much more to use yet is it really worth the time? This post will become the center to talk about and review Xbox 360 applications as they are released, asked about, and used.

We all love to watch videos on YouTube whether we be looking for the newest hit song, movies, or some weird video about an arrow to the knee. Watching YouTube has become a big hit for devices and can be done on anything ranging from a cellphone to laptop and now even the Xbox360. I can see why Microsoft would want to have this feature because it keeps people on the device longer and makes it more appealing to everyone. The experience kind of reminds me of Netflix but a larger selection of cat related videos. You will be able to log into your account and view subscriptions and playlists as well as search the entire collection of videos the site has to offer. The setup is basic but ideally that's all one needs on a gaming console turned media center. Overall I do enjoy having a one stop shop for all my entertaining needs and watching/listening to PartyRock Anthem on a 52'' screen and surround sound system isn't to bad either.

Many of you probably already have this app on your smartphone and now its available on your gaming system too. IHeartRadio allows the user to listen in on radio stations from across the US using an internet connection rather than an FM radio. The xbox version of this application is nice and has a lovely interface to it but if you plan on using the system for anything other than a radio then your out of luck. If you try to do anything else like play a game or look at photos your music will instantly stop which in my opinion is a bit of a downfall. I know we can already play music in games if its on the system itself so I can't imagine it being to difficult to allow multitasking with IHeartRadio. Should this come in a future update it would add a ton of value to the applications being used. Either way it is still a fine way to get clear radio onto a home audio system as long as you aren't trying to play some BattleField or Skyrim.

As always I welcome you all to leave comments down below about any of the applications currently on the system or ones you want to see out. I will continue to update this post with more applications as I have time to mess around with them. As always have a great day.

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