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Friday, June 17, 2011

Free Solar Powered Charging Stations?

As the world of electronics continues to advance, so does our need for ever more power in order to keep them running. One of the biggest complaints about mobile devices is that battery life is often short with most smartphone users barely being able to make it through a day doing even minimalist tasks. There are many portable power packs in order to solve this issue but they often add bulk, either to the device itself or to your pockets and bags. There have already been plans to build solar charging stations for electric vehicles but why not expand this idea into the world of mobile electronics. A group known as Strawberry has taken the idea of solar charging and made it a reality with what they are calling the Strawberry Tree. The device  uses solar panels on top to convert energy from the sun into electrical energy which is stored in large batteries located within the structure. A person can walk up to the structure, select the appropriate charging cable for their device, plug it in, and press a button. Phones charge within 15 minutes and there is a bench for users to sit at while waiting. The batteries within the structure store enough energy to charge devices for up to a month without a trace of sunlight. The idea would work perfectly all around the world even bringing power to developing countries and lessening the power load in developed countries. These charging structures could be placed throughout crowded areas such as cities and could even become centers of commerce if people are stopping by regularly to charge up their electronics.

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