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Friday, June 24, 2011

Team Fortress 2 FREE FOREVER

Valve has released a statement which tells us that their absolutely amazing game, Team Fortress 2, will be free to download and play forever more. The game allows players to form teams of different class characters and battle other teams in an all out war. The game runs on the companies open source Steam engine and is available on Ps3, Xbox360, PC's, and Mac's. Reviewers rated game play at 96 out of 100 and it really shows within the game itself. I will now be playing quite a bit during the summer and putting together some teams of friends. If you would like to download the game you can visit this LINK. I have found the game a very fun play in which you can spend hours and not even realize the time slipping by. My favorite class is definitely the soldier which is equipped with a missile launcher among other things. Valve has also noted that they will continue to bring out updates for the game and plan to make money through in game expansions which can be bought by players.

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