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Friday, June 24, 2011

Vampire Energy Is Sucking Us Dry

What is it?

When we think of vampire's most of us likely think Dracula. But Vampire energy is a growing problem in the world which if left unattended could have disastrous effects on our economy, environment, and lives as we know them. So what exactly is this Vampire energy of which I speak? Well in simple terms, it is energy, used by electronics, even when they appear to be turned off. 

What's the problem?
The problem with Vampire energy is that it is costing us, big time, and usually goes completely unnoticed. So what exactly is it costing us? It is believed that vampire energy is costing consumers in the United States alone almost $3 billion a year. In my opinion that is quite a bit of money, and thats not all it's wasting. It's also wasting valuable, limited, resources such as coal and oil which are also polluting our environment. Some estimates are that vampire energy accounts for 4% of our energy consumption, or 100 million tons of oil, whereas other estimates have reached as far as to say it accounts for 10%. The numbers are staggering and they are increasing every minute. 

What to do about it?

What can we do to stop this catastrophe? There are many ways to stop vampire energy from sucking our wallets dry and polluting our planet. First off, unplug any devices not in use. Plasma tv's have the largest drain of power in standby so unplug it until you need it. Computers are next in line followed by consoles such as the xbox and PS3 which are draining a large chunk of energy. If you don't need it, unplug it. We all know unplugging and plugging can become annoying though so buy a power strip. When switched off, a power strip draws no power and can take care of multiple devices, also protecting said devices from power surges. Batteries are another one. Take them out when you're not using them. Cellphones draw energy continuously while charging even once charged so once it's done unplug the charger and take the battery out till you need the phone. In a society that wastes so much it is important to cut back on waste as much as possible, and with our limited energy resources it is all the more important to save power. So get out there and save the world. One power plug at a time.

Do you believe that vampire energy is an issue and what do you plan to do to prevent it? Leave your comments and suggestions in the area below and give that follow button some love.

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