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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Zombie Survival Device

Zombies, those lovely little creatures that it wouldn't hurt to live without. But how does one go about surviving and preventing zombie attacks on oneself and ones family and friends? One could always use store brand zombie repellent but that stuff is smelly, stains your clothes, and doesn't always work well. There is always fire but what if you run out of fuel? Well friends, I am here to tell you about the wonders of Zombie Repelling Technology. It is common knowledge that zombies are attracted to sound and also well known that humans enjoy some music while they are out enjoying the end of the world. So why not create a device that will keep zombies away and give you something to listen to? You will need an old sound system, a large battery backup system, and some solar panels or wind turbines. Set up your solar or wind system to achieve optimal power generation and make sure it will be safe from the hoards of zombies. Next you need to find a nice secure place to hold your stereo equipment and battery backup system. Once everything is hooked up correctly, select a large collection of music and set to repeat, then you may want to run as far away as you can and find a hideout. The music will now attract all the zombies to that central location leaving you to party hard to that blaring noise. Enjoy.

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