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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Android Market Gets Overhauled (Download)

Google has recently updated the Android Market once more to give it a freshly new user interface which I must say slightly resembles the Windows Phone 7 tiles. In the previous major update to the systems app portal, menus become much more compact and things appeared much more elegant. This newer version does away with any curvature for full on block style. Menus for different categories are now displayed by swiping left or right and newer categories have been added such as Top Grossing applications. The new market also makes way for the new books and movies section which will allow you to rent new movies or ebooks for usually around $0.99. So far in playing around with it I have noticed the application to be very smooth in operation and quite pleasant to use. I truly believe Google is moving in the right direction with these new interfaces. If you want to download the update it can be found HERE and be warned it requires a device running 2.2 or above.

(Update) I also wanted to mention quickly that another new feature added to the market is the ability to share any of the items in the market with friends over bluetooth, email, and social sites. It is a fairly nice addition and should prove useful between groups of people. The share feature is located at the top right next to the search button whenever you are on the download page of an item.

What do you think about the new Market? Leave your opinions down below and be sure to follow the blog if you like it. See you all tomorrow. DOWNLOAD

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