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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Future Tech: Transporter

Transportation is one of the most important things in our every day life, from the shipment of goods to the migration of people. Without the advances in transportation technology modern life would cease to exist. Even with all this magnificent technology we are far from living in a perfect world. Take grocery shopping for example (I have extreme anger issues against grocery shopping). You go through the store, put all your items into a cart, then empty the cart onto the register, then they bag all the items and put them back in the cart, then you go to your car, load the items you just bought, drive home, unload everything, and lastly you put it all away. I feel this is far to inefficient, especially when shopping for food is so important. Sure some stores like Giant are cutting out certain issues now that you can scan and bag as you go and then all your item information is just transmitted to the register but that is besides the point as I attempt to make my point. Transportation needs to become more efficient and faster. One of the fastest and most efficient ways to travel would be the Transporter, a device that is still mere science fiction but would allow the mere instantaneous travel of matter.

The fabled transporter has been shown off for quite some time now and is probably most well known for its appearance in Star Trek. The model in Star Trek works by breaking down matter into a stream of pure energy and then reconstructing it at a different location. Other theoretical methods include micro wormholes and black-hole generators but no matter how many methods are thought of, nothing will ever beat the real thing should it become reality. Just imagine leaving for work mere moments from the time you need to get there, being able to sleep in and not worry about being late. Or how about sending real objects to people? It would be like email but with matter. People could travel to other countries within seconds if not faster. Sadly with modern technology and more importantly the understanding of the laws of physics, transporter technology like the one in Star Trek is impossible mainly due to a little theory known as e=mc2 which ends up meaning that it would require infinite energy to produce such a result.

While transporter technology may be well out of reach or completely impossible, at least in the confines of this one theory, what if it were real? One of the biggest questions raised is whether or not the person on the other end is truly the same as the one who first entered. The body is basically being reconstructed on the atomic level and as such many people wonder if the bodies are one or separate entities with the same, separate, or no soul. The mind is basically just a collection of chemical markers and so theoretically one could reconstruct a persons mind if they had the exact chemical makeup of it. Morally though it is questioned if even with the exact same body, same mind, memories, and thoughts if it would be the same person.

What do you think about transporter technology? Will it become reality? Forever impossible? And how about the questions of morality and religion? Leave your comments down below with your thoughts on this topic. Can't wait to see what you all believe. As always have a great day and try to stay out of the 100 degree + weather.


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