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Thursday, July 21, 2011

My View On Tablets (A true story)

Tablets, portable computers operated by way of touch screen. That is the definition but do we need tablets in a market crowded by laptops, netbooks, smartphones, and other portable devices? Tablet computers offer larger screens than smartphones while remaining lighter than laptops, have a battery life somewhere in the middle of the two and features from both. Is a tablet just an oversize'd phone? Should you get a tablet if you have a smartphone? While the answer depends on the person my choice is yes.

While many functions of a tablet mimic those of a smartphone, especially in the case of the iPad and iPhone, the larger screen can help greatly. One of my greatest reasons for a larger screen is to webcam more efficiently. I would much rather webcam on a tablet than on a smartphone or computer and with modern devices this is now possible. One must also think about the productivity uses. Small screens can be a pain, especially when making slides and editing pictures or movies but one doesn't always want to lug around a large computer for such work. With the use of new models one can discard the laptop and carry around a tablet which has office software, photoshop mobile, and basic editing software. Files can be sent via bluetooth, 3g, or wifi which gives even more connectivity options and easy sharing between devices. In productivity regards a tab is a smart buy.

Now for some of the reasons why not to buy. Tablets are expensive, usually running around $500 unless you buy a Nook Color and root it. For that much money you could buy a decent computer or a number of other things. Often the tab is exactly like their smartphone counterparts. Take the iPad and iPhone for example. While there are key differences in the hardware packed in and the applications available, overall the system is identical to the smaller variant. Android does use a different OS which is completely optimized for tablets but it is not perfect, having many faults in some areas, and there are rumors that Android will be updated once more to one system for tabs and phones. With that amount of look alike it makes since to just get the smaller version for cheaper. Another issue particularly with Android is that their tends to be much less useful software than what is available for computers which hurts the whole productivity plus that was talked about.

Another thing I wanted to mention quickly is gaming and that is because tablets could very easily become part of the future of gaming with Nintendo developing a system making use of a tablet controller and many of the apps being downloaded being of the gaming variety. Perhaps gaming is where tablets will end up fitting in. Either way the decision to buy or not to buy is completely dependent on who you are and what your needs are (and who's buying for you).

Do you plan on buying a tablet? Do you already have one? Leave your comments down below and let me know.

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