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Monday, August 22, 2011

Amazon App of the Day: ZDefense

So who out there likes a good tower defense game? Me too and so today's free Amazon App of the Day, ZDefense, will be perfect for us. In this game you have to keep waves of enemies from reaching the center exit. Enemies can come from any direction and its up to you to destroy them all or be destroyed. You can utilize multiple towers which have different uses and 7 upgrades. I love tower defense games so this gets a 5 of 5 rating from me and a 4 of 5 on the market. It is fun, addicting, and will keep you entertained throughout the entire game.

The Description for ZDefense is: ZDefense is for tower defense game fans, and is a challenge even for experienced players of this type of game. Fight 50 waves of enemies that come out in 250 seconds. Defend an exit in the middle of the board from enemies coming from all directions. You can't use the same strategy for every level; you must change up your technique for each map. ZDefense's maps generally have 10 to 30 waves of enemies. This full version features five tutorial, ten normal, and eight hard maps. There are five tower types with seven levels each. A special tile called the Space Gate allows creeps to teleport from one gate to another, so watch out! You can also take screen captures of your game to record your victories.

  • Addicting
  • Difficult for all levels of experience
  • 23 maps
  • Screen Capture Option

Alright so stop sitting around. It's obvious this is a great game so get it while its free or suffer paying the $1.99 fee normally. Leave your comments complaints and suggestions below and as always have a great day. See you all later, I'm off to play a tower defense game!

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