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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Amazon App of the Day: SpinBalls

Do you like having to work your mind with thinking and logic? If you do I am so sorry. (Just Kidding) But if so you will love today's free game on the Amazon app store. SpinBalls is a mix between a match three game like Jewels and a more logic based game. It can be fun and end up taking hours of your life away but ta the same time you might feel like you've seen this before. Normally retailing for $2.49 and receiving a 3 and 1/2 star rating, I recommend checking this piece of mobile software out. SpinBalls will certainly give you something to do when your bored.

Description: Spinballs combines match three gameplay with logic based strategy. The game consists of seven discs containing six colored balls a piece, like a ball bearing. The objective is to link three or more balls of the same color by spinning the discs. Discs can be turned both clockwise and counter clockwise, depending on which side of the disc you tap. The best links will charge your helping elements. Each element has its own purpose to clear the field, freeze time, sort all balls, or multiply the points earned. Once you fill an element it will be illuminated, save it for when you need it. Trigger it with a tap.

Well I already said go check this game out so what are you waiting for? You can find it on Amazon HERE so no excuses. What do you think about these match 3 games, are they fun? Leave your interestingly amusing comments down below so my life can be that much better and be sure to as always have a great day. Also just a heads up to all my readers. I officially started a part-time job just the other day. I will be doing whatever I can to keep blog posts coming out as frequently as possible though so no worries. Just sorry for any delayed posting.

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