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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Apple Sued for Plagiarism? iPhone sales Banned?

If you haven't realized Siri as the most important part of Apple's iOS5 announcement by now then god help you. The amazing software with artificial intelligence that you can speak to like a normal human. Even myself, an Android fanboy, was genuinely impressed. It really is a great feature and I don't mind saying that, however, I have a few issues. Have you ever heard of Vlingo? Maybe not, but you should have. This app has been out for some time on the app store and did this weird thing where you could talk to it and it would do things as if you were talking to a human personal assistant. That certainly doesn't sound familiar at all. Apple has been known to steal ideas before which is what really sets me off. The worst case was when wireless sync was revealed. The company actually used the same name and logo from a rejected application created by Greg Hughes.

What I try to get at here is that Apple copies a lot of people. The general public tries to think their beloved company is all original but its not. And no, Android is not free from this either. Both operating systems have stolen and copied certain aspects from other people. What I would like to say though, is that Apple's new Siri is not new at all. There have been apps on the iPhone for awhile and even Android. I will be going into detail about the Android side of things in another post tomorrow.

What do you think about Apple and the obvious copying of other ideas? Do you find it funny how they do this and then sue everyone for "patent infringement" and do you think Apple should be sued by everyone else? Who do you think is right? Leave your awesome and much appreciated comments down below as I can't wait to see them. Here be a few links for you to check out.

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