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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

FBI Seizes Servers, Camera Takes Perfect Shots, And Cloud Security

With all of the news surrounding hacking groups lately it is easy to believe that nothing is secure anymore. Newly formed start up, Bromium, is hoping to solve at least one of the security concerns of modern day computing however by taking a shot at cloud computing. The company was formed by former CTO of Citrix Systems, Simon Crosby. Bromium emerged from stealth mode on Tuesday announcing their plan to use a hypervisor in order to provide both servers and clients continuous protection against malware. The new system is designed to give maximum security while still allowing users absolute freedom rather than locking down their systems or using virtual desktops which is sometimes the resulting solution from companies who make use of such cloud based services. So far Bromium has raised $9.2 million in venture capital and is expected to release a product in the second half of this year.

As a photography hobbyist, one of the most annoying problems I encounter is getting the perfect focus for a shot. A new camera being developed by a country going by the name of Lytro makes use of a new technology known as light field photography to eradicate that issue once and for all. The new technology captures all of the light rays traveling in every direction through a scene which allows for the photo to be refocused even after the shot is taken. The photos can be refocused as many times as is necessary in order to get the shot you need and can even be focused by others whom you send the photos to. The technology has been looked into before however this is the first time it has been consumer accessible. Sadly the device will not come out for quite some time, only expected later this year and there is not even a price model yet. Here is a video of the technology in action.

An FBI raid on a data center at 1:15AM in Virginia took out several popular websites including popular blogs, Curbed and the Instapaper service. A spokeswoman for the FBI failed to confirm the raid however Lockhart Steele, the president of the Curbed network of blogs has said that the FBI was responsible. The raids came only hours before a teen in the UK was charged with computer hacking. There have been rumors that the raid is connected to hacking groups LulzSec and Anonymous who have declared a hacking campaign earlier in the week however it is yet to be confirmed that these events are indeed related.

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