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Monday, June 20, 2011

Hackers Declare War, Japan Defeats China, And Verizon Offering Tiered Data

Rumors are growing everyday now it would seem that Verizon will be switching from an unlimited data plan to a tiered one. The latest rumor puts the date at July 7th and offers a glimpse of what this post unlimited world will look like. It is rumored that pricing will be $30 for the entry level 2GB package, $50 for 5GB, and 10GB for $80. Tethering will be available for an entry of 4GB for $50, 7GB for $70, and $100 for 12GB. It is also reported that each additional 1GB of data over the limit will run $10 in fees. Unlimited data plans have slowly been getting dropped by carriers starting with AT&T who offers similar plans to the supposed Verizon ones. In the event that T-Mobile is allowed to merge with AT&T we will see the end of unlimited data in all but one of the major carriers in the US which would be Sprint.

Japan has unveiled a new super computer which has trumped China who held the record for speed for only a brief period of time. The new system can reach speeds exceeding 8 petaflops. The computer has also been awarded a record for ultra energy efficiency only using 10 megawatts during testing. The super computer is comprised of 68,544 eight core processors made by Japan-based Fujitsu. It is expected to be running 80,000 of the chips eventually however bringing this speed demon even higher up in the scale of power.

LightSquared unveiled their LTE network a few days ago during a test which disrupted GPS signals within a few miles of the base tower. The company has now offered up a plan to minimize the interference produced by their network. The new plan will only affect a very small number of ultra precise receivers which are designed to work on the exact frequencies that LightSquards network operates on. The company discovered that the 10MHz piece of spectrum they were using was what was interfering with the units and has decided to work with another company in order to use another area of the spectrum and cut power to the network by half to ensure that tens of millions of GPS users remain unaffected.

Hacking groups have been taking over the news lately and today is no different. Two of the most well known groups, Anonymous and LulzSec, have teamed up in a joint campaign against all Governments, big Banks, and other corporations in what they say is an effort to destroy corruption. This news is being met with mixed feelings from the general public as some worry that things will get out of hand and others cheer on the groups hoping that they will bring about a change for the better. Both groups were part of an attack which brought down Sony's Playstation network for over a month in response to the company suing a hardware hacker for releasing the master encryption code for the PS3 gaming system. Since then the groups have been in the news for separate reasons including breaking into Government run websites including the CIA public page and US senate websites. LulzSec also recently gained access to records on British medical databases. While so far the groups have caused minimal chaos, almost always alerting those affected of the security breach in order to bring about the close in such holes, the concern is that they may change attack plans. LulzSec had released a previous statement saying that they would not stop until brought to justice. These groups certainly have the power to bring about change but it yet to be seen if the changes will be for the better.

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  1. I support the campaign, just so long as it doesnt interfere with my moms job.

  2. Well said. That is definitely one of the most prominent issues to remember.