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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ultrasonic Payment Options

With Near Field Communications (NFC) getting so much attention lately in the mobile payment sector it can be easy to overlook other emerging technologies that could offer better results in short term. Naratte, a Silicon Valley start-up has developed a new method for mobile transactions. The technology uses a phones microphone and speaker in order to send and receive data through ultrasonic sound. This method allows for two devices to communicate without the need for any special hardware which is called for in the use of NFC. This allows for a cheaper solution which is capable of working with most to all existing smart-phones as long as they are running the special application. Payment systems are also expected to be upgraded to hear the ultrasonic communications for roughly $30 which is about a third the cost necessary for NFC communication. While Google and other big corporations may be looking at NFC as the way of the future who knows what this new technology could bring with its cheaper pricing and coverage for older devices.

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What's your thoughts on this new technology? Useful or will it utterly fail against competition from Google backed NFC? Leave your comments in the section below and don't forget to give that follow button a little love to keep up with the latest in tech news from NormanTech.

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