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Monday, June 20, 2011

Hoverbike's Are Real And They Are Coming For You:

The ever elusive hover vehicles, straight out of a sci-fi novel, allowing the population of earth to be free from their two dimensional driving barrier and soar through the skies. The dream of being able to fly past traffic is finally becoming a reality however after an Australian by the name of Chris Malloy invented this contraption.

The picture above is the reported hoverbike which consists of a seat, 1,170 cc four stroke engine, and twin 80kW rotor blades. The bike can reportedly travel as fast as 92MPH and fly as high as 10,000 feet with the throttle fully open. A full tank will land you roughly 100 miles distance and it runs on regular old gasoline. The frame weights a reported 595 pounds and is made of carbon fiber reinforced by Kevlar and a foam core. The two rotors are custom made from Tasmanian Oak and a carbon fiber frame. Counter rotation is being used in order to ensure the bike doesn't spin around in air. The blades appear to be mostly open which could raise safety concerns.

The creator is hoping to bring the bike to production and will be selling it at $40,000 to start with prices possibly dropping within two years as production levels increase. $40,000 seems like it could be a good price for the luxury of flying over all those little people and seeing as the bike is classified as an ultra-light you will not be required to have a pilots license to fly it. 

What do you think? Would you be willing to buy a hoverbike or is it to dangerous/expensive? Leave your comments in the section below and feel free to give that follow button a nice little click. 

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