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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kinect Does Minority Report

Reasons to buy a Kinect. To video chat? I have a webcam for that. Play games? Boring. To use it as a computer interface from the future? That's more like it. Kevin Connolly has brought the Minority Report gesture based UI to real life using a freshly released Kinect SDK for Windows. The system allows for a user to control the operating system through a series of gestures made by ones own body. While still appearing buggy at the current moment the software looks promising for the future and really starts to show us just what Graphic Interfaces will look like in time. It may take awhile for us to finally do away with the mouse and keyboard for everything though. I myself can't really imagine a world completely devoid of their usefulness. Imagine typing an entire blog in mid air or photoshopping pictures. It would definitely take some getting used to but I see no reason that we won't adapt. My biggest concern at the current moment is being able to navigate easily. In my mind i see the need for some seriously smart systems to be able to know what we are trying to do especially when making 3D motions on 2D screens. I do see a future where this technology could make the population a little healthier though since it would appear it requires a bit of motion.

What do you think about this new tech? Leave your comments in the box below and give that follow button some love. A video of the system in action can be found below.

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