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Monday, June 27, 2011

LulzSec Retires

A mere 50 days after their first publicized hack attack, the group LulzSec is retiring from the hacking scene. The group has recently been in the news for attacks against government agencies such as the CIA as well as other businesses. As a farewell gift, the group has left one last package full of confidential information from many different sources such as AOL, AT&T, and NATO. The files included IP addresses, user names, emails, and passwords to accounts.

Officially the group has said they are retiring due to the hacking no longer being fun for them however it is hard to believe that is the only cause after the group has been targeted by law officials and attacked by another group TeaMpOisoN. Also suspicious is that the group had recently announced they would not be quitting until brought to justice which could help support TeaMpOisoN's argument that the group was just a bunch of "script kiddies" meaning they were only using other hackers work to attack their victims. No matter how you look at it, the group is gone which means a few less people to worry about breaking your security. Hacking group Anonymous, who LulzSec had teamed up with in a cyber war has stated that they will be continuing the Anti Sec movement so either way we still have to prepare ourselves for the oncoming wave of attacks. My belief is that while some of the attacks that have happened in recent times have been malicious, some of these hackers are genuinely attempting to help.

What are your opinions on the whole cyber attacking hackers? Leave your comments in the box below and feel free to follow the blog for any updates in the future.

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