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Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Wireless Technology Breaks The Law, But That's OK

The biggest problem with wireless communication is the capacity of the networks. There is a limited amount of bandwith that can be used on any part of the spectrum which is determined by Shannon's Law. Shannon's law basically states there is a limit as to how much bandwith you can have. The CEO of OnLive however has stated that a new wireless technology has been developed which can allow multiple radios to be operating at the perceived limit of Shannon's law and have no interference. What this means is that the new radios basically allow for possibly limitless bandwith on wireless networks which would mean faster speeds, especially in congested areas like cities. The technology also has the potential to completely wipe out dead zones and dropped calls.

The radios used are actually of a simpler design than what is used today while also allowing for a much greater range, currently 30 miles, however it is said the range could be much greater. I feel that this new technology could certainly not have come at a better time as more and more people begin owning smartphones and more of those owners are using more data. 50% of all mobile traffic is video streaming which eats up bandwith like crazy. This new technology could help solve all those issues and improve the networks we use. I hope to see the technology rolling out as soon as possible and while this may be wishful thinking, perhaps it could result in a turnaround in carriers decisions to move to tiered pricing meaning a rollback to unlimited data.

How do you think this new wireless technology will change the world? What technology will emerge and how will existing problems be solved? Leave your comments in the section below with your thoughts.

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