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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Freedom! For Gamers Everywhere. In the USA

It is a good day for gamers everywhere as the supreme court has ruled that baring the sale of violent video games is a violation of the 1st amendment to the constitution. This means that video games are officially classified as free speech and that it will be up to the end user to decide on what they buy. The ruling impacts most notably California which had recently passed a law which would prohibit the sale of video games as it was believed that the games caused people to behave violently. It is certainly good to see our rights being protected by the government for once. I myself believe that it isn't the games one plays or the shows one watches that makes people do stupid things, it is the people that make people do stupid things. If someone is brought up with morals and taught right from wrong and isn't entirely insane they should be smart enough to realize that it is not a good idea to drive on the sidewalk and shoot rockets at helicopters. And if they don't realize this, they need to be in a mental hospital and get off the streets.

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