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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The End Is Near

Android phones have always seemed to have bad luck when it came to their cameras. Often times the quality of photos would be less than ideal, shutter time awful, and features would lack behind what is offered by Apple. Well the end is near for HTC has claimed to bring an end to Androids Camera deficiencies with upcoming improvements being featured in the mytouch 4G slide premiering on T-mobile. It is said that the improvements will bring decreased shutter lag meaning almost instantaneous snapshots and being ready to shoot within moments. This advancement for HTC's android phones comes as Apples iPhones are consistently overtaking the use of professional cameras. On the photo sharing site Flikr, the iPhone is registered as being used by 4,841 compared to android phones measly 523. The portability of mobile phones has been a major push to them being used so often and so a major determining factor is quality of shots and how streamlined the process is.

I myself never notice a problem when using my phones camera but then again I only use it for quick shots with friends. Others who may be relying on their phones for true digital photography will definitely look at the improvements being made and open their arms to them. HTC will most likely be bringing the updates to at least the company's more modern phones and with the help of developers we will hopefully all see updated software being released into the wild.

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