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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Email Encryption Software

Emails, that wonder invention that came with the internet, allowing people from all over the world to communicate instantaniously, not with sound as with the telephone, but with words and at a time of ones choosing instead of right then and there. With the creation of email came once again the fight for privacy and security, it was far to easy for someone to intercept important messages being sent. Email could not be used in the corporate world if this easy hacking continued, enter email encryption software.

The process of encrypting a text document is where you take plain text like what you are reading and mix up letters based on a mathematical algorithm. A simple encryption would be to shift each letter to the right by 3 so A would be C therefore "apple" would be "crrng" making it a bit more difficult to read without the original encoding key. These encryption methods, known as cyphers, have come a long way since their introduction. Cypher techniques were even used in WWII for coding messages across telegraph lines.

Email Encryption works in such a way that when you send a message from a email client, the software uses a private key to encrypt the message. The private key is the only way to easily encrypt and decrypt messages, it holds the letters of the alphabet to their corresponding encrypted characters. Once the message is sent the recipient will use the same private key, given to them by you, to decode the message and read it as normal text. Anyone that might intercept the message will see a bunch of random letters and symbols.

Encryption software is not entirely perfect, if a hacker had enough patience and a reason to decode your message they could do it. There is no true way to be completely safe, but using preventative measures such as encryption can slash your risk against an attack. If you would like to check out some email encryption software you can click HERE.

Do you use encryption? Should you? Leave your comments down below and be sure to have a great day.

SSL Post offers epayslips and lets companies send encrypted email using SSL's email management system.


  1. I use a free encryption service from Send Technology. All you need to do is use the secure Web form at https://www.sendinc.com/ to type your message, list the recipients, and send the message. The recipient gets notification that a secure message is available, with a link that embeds the decryption key. A recipient who never used this technology before gets an invitation to create a free account. The combination of the recipient's account password and the embedded key allows the message to display in the browser and the recipient can download any attachments and send a secure reply back.

  2. Good email encryption services are hard to come by. I shall have to check this one out