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Friday, July 29, 2011

Future Tech: Jet Packs

Transportation technology is constantly evolving to better fit the needs of our rapidly advancing civilization. At first just walking on dirt bare foot was enough but as civilization moved into the era of farming, trails became roads, bare feet now wore shoes and the onslaught of innovation began. Next up on our list came the Romans
who built the first paved road system for their campaign of conquering. The new system allowed entire armies to be moved much more quickly and efficiently than ever dreamt of. At this point in time we now road horses and other domesticated animals to get around, they could pull more for longer and go faster than any human ever could. Throughout all of this came the ships, masses of lumber that could float on the great bodies of water and take us to far away lands that none knew ever existed. The steam engine brought forth faster ships that could travel not based on the tide or the wind but whenever one wished. With the new engine came large metal contraptions known as trains which could travel great distances at high speed and strange smaller versions known as automobiles. The populations of the world utilized these new technologies to migrate like crazy and small towns and large cities popped up everywhere. Henry Ford perfected the assembly line and mass produced the car, made it cheap for the average person. Then came those Wright brothers with there fancy flying machine. That left us with four main methods of transportation, land, air, sea, and rail. These four ways continue to advance even now with jets, muscle cars, and air craft carriers. What is next in the world of transportation? My guess is jet packs.

Jet packs are the most logical next step, they would cut down on traffic for one thing and for another they are just plain awesome. While it will be quite some time before a truly useful pack hits the market for the average person reaserach and development continue constantly. Stunt devils have flown across canyons on jet packs and they have been used to promote certain video games (Halo Reach). Cars and trucks take up massive amounts of room on global roadways, a jetpack rider would be roughly twice their normal size. Fuel can be found in the form of compressed air or similar gas, hydrogen, and other bio-fuels makin the packs a more eco friendly way of travel. Last on my main list of reasons for Jet packs, most people have always dreamt of being able to fly with one and there are so many different corporations looking into them that its just a matter of time before they hit the main stream.

What do you think about jet packs? Next wonder device in the world of transit or just a gimmick used to entice us all? Leave your comments down below and as always have nice day. Also on a side note, I just wanted to apologize to all my readers for the delay in many posts in the future as my internet is down for an unknown amount of time and so getting these posts up is a major hassle.

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