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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Future tech: robot death cat

Robots are becoming ever more important in our society, from manufacturing goods, to cleaning our houses, to cleaning up bio-hazardous material like when the plant in Japan had a near meltdown. The military has been exceptionally interested in the use of robots. Even now robotic aerial drones are being used in Afghanistan and other areas for remote recon. The plus sides to using robots in place of humans on the battlefield are far reaching. For one and most likely the most important is the loss of life. If a bunch of robots are fighting then no human lives are being lost. This is also the greatest issue. If no human lives are being lost then there is even less of a reason for countries not to go to war.

A person very close to me recently created a CAD drawing for a robotic cat that is pretty much a war machine. It is things like this that will become the future of war technology. Machines can carry more equipment, fight longer, are easier to train, and don't talk back. From taking a quick glance it almost seems like robots would be a perfect way to fight a war but there are many downsides. For one is certainly the cost of producing such fighting machines. The research and development alone would cost billions of dollars on top of actual construction. The next biggest thing is a question of morality. Right now one of the biggest issues with war is that human lives are being lost and while I am all for preserving life, I do not believe in just offloading the fighting to something else. The reason we don't want to fight wars is because we don't want to lose lives, if we aren't losing lives then why wouldn't we go to war?

I can see the helpfulness of robotic technology in war in that it does preserve human life and can end wars quicker. All in all it can be a tough question to ask whether or not having robots fight for us is a good or bad idea and that's without even scratching the surface of the argument. What do you think? Are robot run battlefields good or bad? Leave your thoughts down below and as always have a great day.

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