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Friday, July 1, 2011

Mighty Text

I finally received my invite today to join Mighty Text in it's open beta testing of a new android app which pairs with a Chrome extension to allow one to control their phones messages via computer. The process works by running an application on the android phone of choice which then runs as a background service sending information from new messages to an extension located on the users computer. The two pieces of software are linked by a Google account which also must be one of the accounts used on your phone. So far I have no complaints about the service and I consistently received notifications of new messages and was able to reply straight from my browser. The only thing I could even think of that might be better is if the application could suppress the notification on the phone side of things after a message has been replied to on the computer. This sometimes gets a little annoying but hey, this is still beta testing. The software also alerts you as to when a person is calling your phone and while you do not have the ability to answer you can respond via a message.

In order for the software to run its magic your phone must have a stable internet connection and be running android 2.2 or above. So far I like how everything works and will be seeing how used to the process I can get. What are your thoughts on a method like this? Have you gotten the invite yet? Leave your comments in the section below, I can't wait to hear everyone's thoughts.

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