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Monday, July 4, 2011

My Day In Tech

Everyday we all wind up using some amount of technology to do certain tasks, some more than others, but today I bring you my day in technology. So lets take a look at the technology I used today and how it impacted what I did. It all starts the moment I wake up with my alarm which keeps time much better than any human could ever hope of. As the seconds fly by the numbers quickly change to 7:00am and a loud siren goes off signaling the start of yet another day. After hitting the snooze button a few times I finally get up but before my body leaves the comfy secure feeling of my bed I reach for my phone. I turn on the screen and unlock it after which I am presented with a home-screen full of widgets displaying useful information from the weather to news and even some stock predictions. I read over the top news and check out any new emails. Most of the work of the morning is gone with that one moment before I even leave the bed. I eventually get up fully awake, out of bed and walking towards my desk where I boot up my computers. As they load up all the settings I finish getting ready for the day and then its on the laptops to log in for my daily dose of youtube videos while eating breakfast. After that I sat around for a few hours playing games on OnLive and then it was off to the store.

On my way to the store I decided to check out movie times. With the tap of a finger I had found a movie playing in 20 minutes and decided to watch Bad Teacher, which was an absolutely amazing movie if i do say so myself. When the movie was done I hit up the store and used a shopping app to check prices and keep track of expenses which kept me well within a budget I had set. With the closure of the shopping adventure it was time to head home but before I could do such there was one last task to be completed which was picking up my sister from the mall. Now without a phone I would have had to track her down or hope that she knew I was there. Lucky for me I have a phone and so with one call she was waiting for me by the time I arrived and I headed off down the highway back home.

When I arrived at my house I was tired and wanted to relax so on the Xbox went and start the movie on Netflix did. I streamed a horror movie and after cooked dinner. I used another mobile app to look up a recipe  and had an absolutely astounding chicken sammich. When that was all done it was time to check the news once again, play a game of checkers and then I was off to write this blog post. Technology obviously is a very large part of my life and plays a big roll in everyone's lives now. If it weren't for the technology that surrounds us our world would be an unimaginably different place that is hard to even comprehend.

How does technology help you throughout the day? leave your comments in the box below and feel free to like that follow button to the right. Every bit helps. Have a great freedom day everyone.

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