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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Amazon App of the Day: AllSport GPS PRO

I know we all are completely active and healthy right? Ya I thought so. Well today's Amazon Free app of the day might help. AllSport GPS Pro which normally goes for $3.99 is a workout app which helps you track your workouts, runs, walks, bike rides, and other sports on a map. You can see tons of stats like time, speed, calories, distance and more. Sessions are all stored online. The application comes with predefined workouts and also offers a social feature to share any workouts you use or develop.

Description: Reach your fitness goals faster with AllSport GPS Pro. Track your workouts, runs, walks, bike rides, and other sports on a map. View 25 heart pounding stats as you sweat: time, speed, calories, distance. Privately store and analyze training sessions at allsportgps.com. Find places to train and share your workouts with your fitness community and on Facebook. AllSport GPS Pro uses the GPS in your android phone. No cell or data signals are required to see where, how far, how fast, or how many calories you burned. View your progress and exact location on street, hybrid, and aerial maps. Use it as a personal coach to train for 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathon races. Keep track of your charity workouts such as Susan G. Komen walking events and MS 150 rides.

This application received 4 of 5 stars on the Amazon market and I believe those to be well deserved. It is a great piece of software for anyone interested in working out or training. Get it today and check it out. You won't be disappointed. I am off to use it some more right now. So as always my readers, have a great day and see you next time!?

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