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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Emergency Alert System

One of the great things that come with any advancement in media is an advancement of early alert system. Technology has allowed us to better predict natural disasters and detect other issues but no matter how well we can figure things out, all the knowledge is useless until we can get it to the right people. In the older times people relied on word of mouth, then newspapers, eventually radio which helped significantly to bring up to date real time information to the masses. Television furthered that approach and offered additional information to be broadcast. Eventually came the cell phone which would allow us to receive call and texts alerts to issues. Finally we have the internet in all its wonderful mysterious glory. The internet and personal computers would allow us to finally look up real time information based on our needs instead of what was being said on TV. We could look up what we wanted, when we needed, where we needed.

What will the future hold for early warning systems? My guess is neural implants that alert you by sending wireless signals to your mind! But in all seriousness leave your ideas down below and good luck riding out the Hurricane Irene storm coming up. I myself will unfortunately be right in the middle of its projected path so I apologize in advance if any posts are delayed. As always, have a great day and I will see you next time!?

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