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Friday, August 26, 2011

Amazon App of the Day: Frogger

Does anyone else remember that game with the adorable green frogging leaping around through traffic to eat the flies? Well I do. It went by the name of Frogger, was a staple of my childhood, and today only is 100% free on the Amazon Android market. Frogger is a classic arcade game where you take charge of a frog on a mission to eat flies. You have to make it through obstacles such as oncoming traffic and getting across water. You earn points based on time you take to complete a level and the flies you collect. I always found this game extremely addictive and feel you will also.

Description: If you played video games in the early 1980s you remember the classic Frogger. Anybody could play Frogger. All you had to do was guide the green amphibian across the street and over the logs and turtles to the other side of the river. Simple... and addicting. Published by the original manufacturer, Konami, this is the real thing. You get the same look and feel and moving your frog is smooth as silk with the slide controls. You have to move fast to dodge the cars and trucks or you'll turn into roadkill, and if you aren't quick on the river you'll be carried off to your demise. Try to eat the flies and carry the cute girl frogs to safety for bonus points, but watch out for crocodiles or you'll become lunch yourself! Don't dawdle, or your time will run out. This is an absolutely must have app for old gamers, and newbies alike. Happy hopping!

  • Addicting
  • Made by original creator
  • Great arcade graphics
  • Fun
  • Classic
So if you remember the good ol days of Frogger or just want a new game to get addicted to, I recommend checking out this app which got a 3 of 5 rating on the Amazon market and a 4 of 5 from me. There have been some reported issues with freezing and lag occasionally on some phones so take the opportunity of it being free to go on a test drive. As always have a great day and be safe with the oncoming Hurricane. Be prepared!?

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