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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Amazon App of the Day: Photo Enhance Pro

Have you ever taken a picture with your phones camera and been unhappy with how it turned out? Maybe it was to dark, to bright, not enough contrast or needed to be cropped? I certainly have and Amazon is helping us out with their free app of the day, Photo Enhance Pro, which promises to help better your library of memories. This application uses features found in Photoshop as well as other applications such as Contrast adjustment, Brightness adjustment, cropping and more. Normally the software goes for $4.99 and if you use your mobile for high end photography on a daily basis, this is for you. I find it useful for some low end users but others can get the same effect from the mobile version of Photoshop.

Description: Get better photos without a better camera. Unleash the creativity and make your phone photos look amazing with Photo Enhance Pro. Using HDR tone mapping techniques to add detail to your images, a variety of scale adjustments, and a cropping tool, Photo Enhance Pro makes your photo gallery a lot more interesting. Choose the Adjust tab to alter the brightness, contrast, saturation, and tone of your photos. Alter the enhancement of the image from Standard, High Impact, and Maximum Effect. The cropping tool superimposes a handy grid over the photo and it also allows you to enter a numerical x:y ratio to get that perfectly precise crop. Choose between hiblack and rotated view before or after making other alterations, The settings feature a full range of options, including tone mapping strength, saturate shadows, high impact mono, default crop ratio, and more.

  • Contrast adjustment
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Photo Cropping
  • Multiple other effects

Personally unless you are gonna get this app today while it is free or you take tons of photos on your phone I wouldn't recommend getting this and would recommend instead Photoshop Mobile. The app received 3 of 5 stars on the market and I would give it the same. Price is always an issue of talk when it comes to Android though so what do you think? Is it worth the money? Leave your comments down below and as always have a great day. And stay safe from the hurricane if you happen to be in its way.


  1. Hi -- FYI it's currently $1.99 on the amazon app store.


    Mark (Photo Enhance's developer)

  2. I am glad Amazon gave that great opportunity to download for free as it gave me the opportunity to try out such an amazing piece of software. I even bought it the next day on another device.