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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Amazon App of The Day: Stellar Escape

With Hurricane Irene leaving many of us without power it may be necessary to find some entertainment. Amazon has heard our mental cries for help and brought us Stellar Escape, a side scrolling obstacle game for free today only. Normally going for $0.99 you play as a courier on a space station racing against time and evading obstacles by sliding under, jumping over, or slipping through. The game is powered by Unity 3D and has some pretty powerful graphics. This app has received a 4 of 5 star rating which is well justified on the Amazon Market.

Description: Stellar Escape is a superb side scrolling game for Android from Orange Agenda. With outstanding graphics, powered by Unity 3D and smooth intuitive controls, this app is a stand out of the genre. You play Elliot Black, a courier on a space station in the infamous Beta Sector. Steer Black through different areas of the station, avoiding obstacles by jumping down air tubes that transport you to the other side of the screen. Please note that Stellar Escape is a graphics intensive game, a wifi connection to download it is highly recommended. Stellar Escape supports SD card installation.

  • High quality graphics
  • Addictive side scroller
  • Intuitive controls
I feel like this game is one that truly is worth paying money for but since it is free today you should take this opportunity to check it out. This has come just in time for me due to my lack of power thanks to that pesky storm. So here comes hours upon hours of game time. See you all later and have a great day!?

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