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Monday, August 29, 2011

Amazon App of the Day: Application Folder Pro

One of the great offerings of Android is its fully cutomizeable home screens. Users can add widgets and applications in any way they want. Sometimes users may chose to keep all their applications on the homescreen but find that can get kind of messy. Android offers the use of Folders for just such occasions but they are mostly plain when it comes to look. The only customized feature is the name of each one. Well not after today as Amazon brings us our free app of the day, Application Folder Pro, which allows full customization of home screen folders. Now you can chose which icon is used, opening animations and more to better organize your things. Normally this app goes for $1.50 but get it today and its free.

Description: Choose custom icons to adorn your folders anyway you like. Choose from four types of folder shapes and choose opening animations. Organize bookmarks, contacts, and shortcuts, as well as applications, the way you want, sorted the way you like. Application Folder Pro helps make folders accesible from your home screen using instantly recognizable icons. Set up and customize folders, stuff them full of apps, bookmarks, and contacts, and place them as widgets anywhere on your home screen.Now those frequentlyh used apps, bookmarks, and contacts are right thre for you to access immediately. Please note that Application Folder Pro must be launched through the widgets menu. Let's say you want to be able to email certain contacts quickly. First access Application Folder through your widgets menu. Net create a folder and long press the standard icon and replace with the email symbol or any of the dozens of application icons such as an airplane, bus, movie reel, pen, paint pallet, etc. Now choose the contacts you want to be in this folder. Select menu, then select apply and exit, and that folder widget is now on your screen. Tapping on the widget will bring up your choice of contacts that can be emailed with one tap. You can set those contacts up to be called or sent a text with one tap as well.

So this application is centered around being able to customize and it certainly achieves that. I ended up finding the added functionality a big help since I use folders a lot for organization. The app received a 4 and 1/2 of 5 star rating on the market and I feel that is well deserved. If you use folders a lot or even if you don't you should check out Application Folder Pro. Do you use folders often on your mobile device? Leave your comments down below and as always have a great day. Also hopefully I will have power back soon so these posts can be more regular again.

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