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Monday, August 29, 2011

Portable Power Generator

Electricity is a necessity in modern life powering everything from our water to our refrigerators and our electronics but what happens when the power goes out? Well such a thing happened just this week as Hurricane Irene crashed across the eastern seaboard of the US and left hundreds of thousands without power, myself included. An unfortunate many are still without power but for a lucky group of people electricity has never left them thanks to a nifty little tool, a portable generator.

Gasoline power generators have been a major convenience to modern life and allow for electrical systems to be operated and maintained even in the event of a grid failure. These wonder devices are used as backup power across the board by companies. Cell towers are kept running through the use of such backup systems which keep communication open even when catastrophe strikes. Generators are even more important in developing countries where they may be the only main source of electrical power.

Some may wonder why we don't all just use generators instead of relying on power companies. Well unfortunately they are noisy for one, very loud. Another issue is cost as gasoline generators are not very efficient and with soaring gas prices can often cost upwards of $60 a day for electricity. The reason these powerhouses are used for emergency only is also due to their limited power output which is significantly less than what is offered by electric companies such as BGE.

Perhaps in the future we will all use portable fuel cell generators to power our houses individually rather than relying on an inefficient and costly electrical grid. Already a company going by the name of Bloom Energy has developed a solution being put in place by large companies such as Google and Ebay to power large data centers. The solution involves a fuel cell which runs off of a number of natural gasses including hydrogen. It may be many years until we can all say goodbye once and for all to the large and expensive companies supplying us with the energy needed for every modern convenience but for now lets just be thankful we have generators for things such as Hurricane Irene. Do you own a generator and how often do you use it? Leave your comments down below and hopefully you aren't stuck using it now due to that storm. As always have a great day and see you all later!?

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