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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Amazon App of the Day: Swamp Defense

Another tower defense game? Come on now don't we have enough of those. Oh well, who cares what I think. Amazon's free app of the day is Swamp Defense, a tower defense game based around humans vs swamp monsters. Normally going for $0.99 this 3 of 5 star rating game is highly addictive like its other similar brethren features arcade style graphics and hours of entertainment to those of you who chose to check it out. Due to the high number of games like this I don't really recommend paying any money for it however it is a pretty good game so perhaps the small cost is worth it to you, not to mention it helps out the developers which is a big deal. Personally I already got it for free today and liked it but will buy a copy tomorrow.

Description:Run for you lives, the swamp has been invaded by hideous monsters! But nobody comes into The Family's swamp and takes over without a fight. Get ready for World War III. Humans v Swamp Monsters, in this tower defense game for Android. In swamp defense, eight ghoulish creatures come at you in waves, and you need to take them out before they overrun the swamp. Place the five members of The Family in strategic places and unleash weapons ranging from denture adhesive and guns to electro beams and rocket launchers. As you eliminate swamp monsters, you earn money that can be used to add more family members or upgrade existing ones. Advance through seemingly endless waves of baddies and 15 levels, posting high scores on each one. It's a big swamp, but you aren't going to give up a single acre of it without a fight.

Ok so the game does differ slightly thanks to the context of batter, scenery, characters, monsters and such but again, you can find lots of tower defense games pretty much anywhere. I still think the developers did a great job with this so I am recommending you download it and at least try it out.  I give it a 4 of 5 star rating.

  • Addictive
  • Hours of Fun
  • Arcade Graphics
  • Classic Tower Defense
  • Good Build Quality
So there you have it, Swamp Defense in a nutshell. What do you think about Tower Defense games? Leave your comments down below and as always have a great day. See you all next time!?

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