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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Zombie Survival Phone!

When a horde of zombies is chasing after you, a good phone that has an undead battery could mean the difference between life and death. If you have a smartphone, well give up now. But if you are the proud owner of a Motofone F3, get ready to survive. The Motofone is designed to be basic. The thing sports an e-ink screen with pretty low resolution and that is about it other than a standard keyboard. No camera or anything. There is even a good bit of characters that are not supported by the device. Where it does stand out is the amazing battery life coming in at 2 weeks of standby and months worth when turned off. While this may not be for those of us living in big cities or even rural areas, the main impact will center around developing nations and places where electricity is spotty or even absent.

Who knows, maybe you will get your extremely old relative this baby to help them out or perhaps you will get it for your humanitarian trip to parts of Africa. Either way, if you need something reliable, low end, and with great battery life, this is the phone for you. I think I will stay with my Droid but what about all of you. Is this a good idea for a phone or can you not handle the ancient spec list? Leave your comments down below and as always have a great day.

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