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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Amazon App of the Day: Txt Message Away Message

Have you ever been out somewhere or sleeping and just wanted people to stop texting you but your to lazy to text them back with anything? Today might be your lucky day as Amazon is giving away Txt Message Away Message, an auto respond application, for free today only. When activated, this application will automatically respond to messages with a predefined text based on different options. Lets say you are driving and can't be bothered with messages. Just set the text to "I am driving, leave me alone!" and anyone that texts you during the active period will receive that message automatically. Just to make sure you don't accidentally leave the app running there is also an option to have a status icon present.

The description for Txt Message Away Message is: Txt Msg Away Message sends auto reply messages from your Android device. Create a custom message, and this application automatically replies to incoming texts with that message. You no longer have to worry about text messaging while driving, working, sleeping, or watching a movie. Txt Msg Away Message includes many useful options. Set up the auto reply to be sent only to your contacts. Place an icon on your notification bar so you'll always know if the app is active or not. The away time option lets you include the time elapsed in your auto reply. So, if the app has been enabled for an hour, your auto reply will let your recipient know you've been unavailable for an hour. Txt Msg Away Message also sends you an alert every time an auto reply is sent.

If you are constantly finding yourself needing to respond to text messages then this app may be right for you. Normally costing $1.99 you may wanna get it today while it is free. So get out there and enjoy the freedom to leave the phone down, if you can, and as always have a great day.

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