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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Spotify: My Late Review

While I am fully aware Spotify has been out int he US for quite sometime, I only recently got around to using it. Even though there are plenty of reviews already out there I just wanted to put in my own two with this quick little review. So starting off is the looks. If you use iTunes you'll be familiar with the layout. The color scheme is a black gray white mixture and you have playlists and libraries on the left, playback controls on the bottom, various other option along the top and then information is displayed in the middle and left as well as any advertisements. The service allows you to both stream music from the internet and playback files you have on your hard drive. Everything can be organized into one library which makes for a much more streamlined experience. If you have ever used Grooveshark then you will realize that Spotify is a mix between that and iTunes. Overall audio quality was rather clear. I suffered no wait times when trying to play back songs and so far everything I have searched for has been found. The interface is clear and simple while still remaining elegant and I just love the experience. There is also a mobile application out for iPhone, Android and other which allows using the streaming service on the go but requires a subscription fee. You are also able to use the mobile and desktop application to wired or wirelessly sync files.

I fully recommend using Spotify and it is free to use which is all the better. Feel free to check it out HERE and leave any comments concerns or suggestions down below in that little white comment box. And following the blog never hurt but whatever.? See you all around and as always, have a great day!

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