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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Android Phones Used to Mine for Rare Element: Obsidian

For those of you familiar with the world of Minecraft you have realized Obsidian is the rarest element of the game. Some of you may have guessed by now but Minecraft has officially landed on Android devices though for a short while will be exclusive to the Xperia Play. For those of you who don't know, Minecraft is a game made by a programmer going by Notch. In the game you use elements around you to craft items which will help you mine, protect your from monsters, and eventually allow you to build anything your mind can imagine. The entire world is 8-bit style blocks which represent 1 meter each. The worlds are random generating and more than 6 times the actual size of Earth.

The mobile version of Minecraft has been long awaited and has been extremely optimized for mobile gaming. So far demos of the game running on the Play offer what seems to be rather smooth playing even compared to high end computers. There is a free trial version available on the market and a $6.99 full version aswell. Notch has already made announcements to continue development for both computer and mobile versions of the game for the foreseeable future. Coming in later updates will be full multiplayer (currently only available on LAN) more block types, more monsters and other goodies. I am already addicted to the PC Minecraft and being an owner of many Android devices I see this being my new favorite waste of time.

You can check out the main Minecraft page HERE, a video of gameplay HERE, and a hands on video of the mobile version HERE. I hope you all will enjoy playing this as much as I will, especially on some of the newer tablets out on the market. As always make sure you leave those comments down below and have a great day. See ya!

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