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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Doctor is an Android

All you Doctor Who fans out there (Myself included) should be nice and anxious now that BBC has released a new game for Android devices called Doctor Who Mazes of Time. You play as the most recent doctor and his companion Amy Pond as they travel through time and space in an attempt to rescue a family. The game starts out with you on board a space ship powered by a time engine. A Dalek (The Doctor's worst enemy) is on board attempting to steal the time engine for its own needs. There is an explosion and the family on board is transferred throughout time, beginning your adventure. You will use strategy and wit to get through each of the levels doing battle with some of the worst creatures in the Who universe. 

From what I have seen the graphics are alright but certainly not top notch. Gameplay is rather smooth on a Droid 2. There have been many complaints though of issues with the game itself and the add on content that can be bought with no refunds available. Either way the game itself is free for those in the US and a link can be found HERE. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and satisfy those odd fantasies you have of traveling in a blue police box with a 900+ year old man. 

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