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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Arduino: The Gateway

When learning to program, the hardest part can be the very start and trying to comprehend the "grammar" of the language. One has to understand how parts of code lead to real life results. To some this may be easy but to most they can easily get lost. Luckily for me I decided to start out with the Arduino programming language. Arduino is an open source hardware and software platform that allows beginners to write code that can control real life hardware through the Arduino micro-controller. Using this method I was able to see how code worked in a real life way. Ever since learning Arudino I have found programming in other languages much easier. It started out with learning SQL and has led up to Java. Just by learning this one simple language I was able to use it as a gateway into other more complex versions which will be of even more use in the near future.

The reason I am sharing this information with all of you is that I have hope that you will take this idea and all of you can move forward to bigger and better things. Perhaps some of  you will even be able to help out the community with coding projects and others could write the next big thing. Who knows, only one thing is certain and that is with the proper knowledge and effort, anything is possible. Anyways have a great day all of you. See you soon.

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