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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Future of Cyborgs?

I recently had the pleasure of seeing the most recent Captain America movie and found that after, all I could think about was the future of cyborgs where one day man will be obsolete, replaced by his cybernetic counterpart. Hopefully this day will never come but what we can all look forward to is cybernetic implants. These implants could help us enhance our frail and primitive human bodies with what many would call super powers if we had them today. Just imagine the human eye, able to see only a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum with poor vision quality and no ability to zoom in. Now take a camera which can be built to see infrared or ultraviolet and can focus in on the tiniest details not to mention zooming in from vast distances. This could be achieved by humans through the use of an implant which is already being developed.

Expanding on my eye concept imagine what else this could do for humanity. For one thing such cybernetic components could help the blind see, the paralyzed walk, and the deaf hear but we could also go beyond that. We could enhance our vision, our hearing, taste, and other abilities. While such technology is still years from being available to even the elites of our population it will not remain a fantasy for much longer. Soon our memory will be like a hard drive, our muscles like machines, and our eyes like cameras, capturing every moment in stunning detail. Cyborg enriched humans could even potentially fight off all disease, prevent cancer, prolong life and make it more enjoyable to. Nothing comes without its downsides though.

One of the biggest questions/concerns comes in the form of morality. Is a cyborg enhanced being still human or is there a point at which one becomes the machine? A completely valid question in my opinion. There is of course also issues over the reliability of such implants, cost, and possible hack attacks on peoples organs. Still, even with all the possible down sides I feel implants like these will be the way of the future and help the human race in its never ending quest for survival. What do you think? The question of the day is do you think there is a point where human becomes machine? Leave your comments down below and as always have a great day. Byez

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