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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Human cyborg relations

The faithful keyboard and mouse, our main way of communicating with technology since the obsoletion of punch cards. Lately touch screens have started to replace the mouse but nothing has really come along to get rid of that outdated selection of keys. For many years companies have experimented and found new ways for us to interact yet these new technologies continue to advance at such a slow pace. It is time to move away from ancient and out dated input devices and pave the way for the future of a new era of interaction.

One of the biggest new methods of interaction is voice recognition. For years now people have been able to talk into their computers and have things happen. At first this was used by engineers to save time running debug programs and fixing problems. Even with this technology having been around for so long it has advanced at a fraction of the pace of other things around it. Google has shown the most promise, bringing such input methods to its Android mobile system. Users are able to use the recognition software to enter text or shout commands. Voice recognition is far from perfect, often messsing up. The true peak of its performance will come when we can converse with our technology like we would other human beings. When our computers can speak back to us and we can hold entire conversations, when we don't have to repeat ourselfs.

I am certain most are aware of this next dream tech, interfacing a computer with the human mind. Such methods are seen in movies like the Matrix and have brought forth much fear but also much promise. Researchers have been mapping the brains signals in attempts to map these electrical impulses and use them to control functions. What I must say to this though is that humans are bound to become even more lazy with this new technology. People could just load up a program of a tropical island and feel like they are there, feel like they are eating, feel like everything is perfect. It could very well be the end of the human race. But still, kinda fun to think about the possibilities.

There are so many different technologies emerging to help us move into a new era of interaction with the devices that rule our world. What do you think will be the future of interaction? Leave your comments down below and of course have great day. 

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