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Friday, August 5, 2011

Living on a Tablet

I recently moved up in the world of tech when I bought my first Honeycomb tablet, the Acer Iconia a500. So far my experiences with this device have been outstanding. (You can check out a review and Root tutorial HERE). After spending a few days with the slate I decided to see what it would be like to live on a tablet, would it be possible, enjoyable? For the past week I have been doing just that so lets find out shall we?

The first thing I wanted to mention just so you all know is I am and have been writing these blog posts on the tablet. The only thing keeping me sane during the process is the ability to use my USB keyboard to type it all up. Being able to use USB also makes life on the Iconia much more like on a traditional laptop. I can access all of the files on flash drives, use peripherals like the keyboard and even transfer files from cameras. Typing up these posts is simple with the Blogger app from Google and when I finish the core text I can go online with the browser to finish up the editing. The browser included is a very capable one with access to Flash content, tabbed browsing, and most importantly speed and reliability. It was a snap opening up multiple tabs, looking for pictures, adding them to the posts and then linking to all my Twitter accounts. (I have to have multiple so I feel important) Blogging is a big part of my life and so right from the start I am liking living a tablet life. Is it better than blogging on a computer? I have to say yes. For one thing I can be much more mobile and for another I can take pictures and video from wherever I am. Whivh brings me to the next part. Video and photo editing.

Videos and photos are big in my life as I like to record a lot of memories. Taking pictures and video is a snap with the Acer's front and back cameras. Editing is equally as easy thanks to the included Movie Studio app and a quick download of Photoshop Mobile. Quality is not the best for high value moments but if you need to take a few snaps then this is for you. Editing pictures and video was fun but not really that useful. If I wanted to do quick things like splitting tracks and adding music or changing contrast and hue in pictures than the apps worked fine but if you need anything professional quality, you will need to stick with your laptop or desktop. (who owns a desktop anymore?) Overall taking and editing videos and photos on this device fit my needs and I can share moments with family and friends quickly but it certainly will not be for everyone.

Entertainment is a key part of all of our lives and this is where tablets truly are a wonder device. There are so many applications out there for free and addictive games (AngryBirds?) that you will be entertained for hours, possibly days without spending a penny. Once you get tired of games you can watch videos on YouTube or download movies from the Market, there is also Netflix streaming if you pay for that sort of thing. If you wanna see a friend but are to lazy or to far away to drive you can webcam them thanks to the 2MP camera and Google chat. We haven't even covered everything and I am sure you are starting to see how much there is to do on a tablet. Don't even get me started on the Music, I have enough tracks loaded up to last me a few days of continuos listening.  For all you book lovers out there you can make use of Google Books to get your read on. (Or just get the audio book)

 At the end of my week I looked back and realised I didn't miss my laptop at all, it had become nothing more than a chunky overweight pig taking up space on my desk. Sure it is useful for heavy tasks but I don't do that to often. The Tablet is a lightweight portable device with extreme useability expanded on by the thousands of applications that become available every day. All people and devices are not created equally and so while I can personally say the Acer Iconia tab can replace my laptop, others out there, maybe yourself, would strongly disagree. What do you think about living on Tablets? Can it be done? Do you already live on one? Leave your comments down below and as always have a great day.

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