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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Promoting your content on NormanTech

Hey there oh wonderful readers. Do you like checking out the NormanTech blog? Do you have something you wanna share with the world but need some cheap advertising? Look no further as you can now advertise your content on the Blog for real real cheap. Want a link posted to one of my articles? or how about a post dedicated to a certain topic with links to a product or service? and what about changing my background to a picture of your choosing and linking it to your content? I am offering all three of these great methods of advertisment all for the low price of $5 which will get you either one link, one post, or a picture link as my background for 7 days.

Advertising like this is a great way to bring viewers over to your content and can lead to even more publicity from those people. Don't wanna pay for advertising? Thats fine to. Lets set up a mutual promotion deal where I promote your content and you promote mine. All questions or comments can be left down in the comments below or feel free to message me at condemnedinstruments@gmail.com and if you want to order one of the payed advertising options you can go:

HERE: Link Advertising
HERE: Post Advertising
HERE: Background Advertising

As always my readers, have a great day.

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