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Monday, August 8, 2011

Plan_B Android Tracking Application

When you first lose your phone the first thing to go through your mind is "CRAP" and the second, "How am I gonna get it back?". If you know where you were at you could always go backtrack your steps and ask around to try and find your precious communication device but what if you don't know where you lost it? Or what if it were stolen? If you had one of the numerous tracking applications installed you can just look on there. But now you realize you were going to get to downloading that next week five weeks ago. At this point you are quickly running out of options, no one is answering when you call, the battery is dying and it isn't long before you need a new phone. Enter Plan_B...

Plan_B is an after the fact tracking tool developed by the creators of the popular smartphone protection tool "Lookout". The app is designed to be used after your device is lost or stolen and is installed remotely via the Market. Once installed, location information is sent to the Gmail account registered on your phone and any time you want updated information you just txt "Locate" to the device. On some phones the application can even turn on GPS by itself to give you a more accurate reading of where it's at. While this application does not give all the features of others, it is the only one to be remotely installed after an incident helping those who thought it wouldn't happen to them.

There are quite a few stories out already on the internet about people using Plan_B to find a lost or stolen phone. It is always nice to see a phone reunited with its user and for that reason I am putting a link to Plan_B HERE for any of you out there who may need to use this very service right now. And a link to Lookout HERE so you can get the full protection your Android phone deserves.

What do you think about Plan_B? Leave your comments questions concerns and medical history in the space provided below and as always, have great day?

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