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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ice cream sandwhich

Google is well known for naming updates to its ever more popular Android software after deserts and it appears this will not change any time soon. With the newest version being named Ice Cream Sandwhich and coming after Honeycomb we see a continuation of the tradition and hopefully an even tastier treat. With Honeycomb or version 3.0 we saw a tablet centered design that would make use of the extra room and more powerful hardware. The entire look and feel of Honeycomb was far different than anything offered before even by the next earliest, Gingerbread. I have been using Android since the Original Droid landed and felt that Honeycomb was great on a tablet while I preffered the look of previous versions on the smaller screen of a phone. With Ice Cream Sandwhich this is rumored to all change.

The newest update to Android is expected to bring with it a sort of merger between the tablet centric Honeycomb and the phone software Gingerbread. It would make it easier for app developers to offer features on all devices but with different formatting options depending on size. Other upgrades would be key, most likely including improvements to speed and the fluidity/ease of use of the entire Graphics interface. Stability would probably also be a good thing to improve with Android as it can sometimes be a bit buggy for one reason or another. Now the one thing I would like to see even if it may be impossible (I don't know if it is or not) would be Google creating a way for any phone to upgrade to new software versions without relying on carriers and phone makers. Kind of like how Microsoft releases one CD for Windows 7 but any computer with adequite hardware can upgrade using it. I feel like this would solve so many issues that people see in Android and just all around make it a better platform.

Unfortunately anything said so far is still just an educated guess and no one will know for certain until Google drops the curtains. No matter what happens though you can be well assured that the Android fan boys will love it, the Apple fan boys will hate on it, and then there will be a select few people who realize both mobile operating systems are great and both have their ups and downs. So haters stop hating and comment on this post with your thoughts would ya? Anyways I am off so see all of you later. Peace!?

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