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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is becoming a big thing lately with deep holds in everything from gaming to military use. Virtual Reality allows one to become more immersed in a virtual environment. Think of it like a simulator pretty much. In a VR environment the user is supposed to feel as though they are in that reality. Only recently has such technology started to make serious leaps and is now becoming more widespread. In the future it is expected that one will become fully immersed in these environments and they will become as real as reality itself. An intersting yet scary thought if you ask me. Can anyone say Matrix? But the implications are also quite wonderful. Imagine a world where when you want to relax you just start up a program, put on a device and are whisked away to a far off land that is tailored to your exact specifications. The device being used could even tap into ones nervous system to make feelings feel real.

It is not that far fetched to believe that such technology could become available. Just think, already people are working to control computers based on your thoughts. Whos to say they can't go the opposite way and use computers to control your thoughts? (Mind control?) Another application that is more useful would be long term travel through say, space, where a perios of hibernation would be necessary. To keep the mind active one could use this technology to keep it and muscles stimulated. This could solve one of the biggest issues of space travel, at least until we can do Warp Travel, or find that blue police box. (Any of you Doctor Who fans?) As I have said before, everything comes with its downsides no matter how good it seems. This one comes from the Matrix and it is, if we are all in a perfect virtual reality how do we know which is real? If both realities seem real how could we distinguish? This is a major issue and is certain to lead to the destruction of the human race and rise of the machines. So while you may be sitting there on your couch waiting for this VR stuff just remember it could be the end of us all.

Ok so I personally want this kind of stuff because it would just be awesome to have my fantasies come true, but I have to say I would rather just work for those dreams instead of having them handed to me. What are your thoughts? Leave your comments in the lil box below and have a great day friends and people who read my blog because they have nothing better to do. See ya!

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