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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Plan B: The Darkside

A few days ago I talked about Plan B, an application used to track your device should you ever lose it. Today though I have decided to talk about the darkside of such an application. A link to my previous post can be found HERE but for those of you who don't really care heres a brief look at how it works. Once you lose your android device you log into the online market and download the application, once installed remotely the software immediately starts up and begins transmitting location data to your Gmail account. If you want more data you text "locate" to the phone. I realized how this could be used for evil purposes however only a day after the post was written.

While I know all of you have a secure Gmail account and use a stron password which is changed out every month or so, lets just imagine that you don't. Someone figures out your password through one of many ways. For example, a stalker breaks into your house and places a keylogger on your computer. Using the knowledge they have collected and the well known fact that you own a Android smartphone the stalker logs in to the online market using your account information. The download the Plan B application to your phone and then log into your Gmail account. They now have access to where you are at any given time and no previous hacking knowledge or loopholes in the Android software are necessary. There is literally a stalking application sitting on the Android market as we speak. It is not that far fetched to think someone could do this. The hardest part would be figuring out your email password but in all honesty that isn't that hard if someone is dedicated enough.

What do you all think about Plan B? Should it be allowed to stay on the market in its current form, should more security be implemented? Or do you just not care? Leave your comments down below with some opinions. I myself am kinda interested that this is possible with readily available software and will have to see what happens in the future. Peace out!?

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