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Friday, September 2, 2011

Amazon App of the Day: Checkbook

In this day and age paper is being ever more phased out in place of electronics. Everything like news and books can be found online in digital form. One thing has stayed back though, the checkbook. That thing you lug around and do math on to try and keep your financial life somewhat organized. A nifty little application being released for free on the Amazon App Store (today only, normally $1.99) attempts to do away with that packet of paper. This application will let you add accounts with their starting balances and then add and subtract depending on the flow of cash. If you have automatic payments or things that are always paid at the same time you can mark them down to be automatically deducted. Everything can be categorized as well for easy finding.

Description:Checkbook takes the place of a paper checkbook. Simply add an account with its name and starting balance. You can add as many accounts as you like. Choose from seven currencies, and put password protection on the app. You can also restore previous balances, and create a backup for your accounts. It's easy to transfer balances from account to account. Checkbook automatically deducts the amount you take from one balance to another. You won't have to fumble around with calculators or scratch out arithmetic on your regular checkbook. Set up scheduled transactions to be automatically deducted from an account such as your Internet bill or rent. Choose from 30 Transaction Categories, such as Gasoline, Groceries, Student Loans, Utilities, and more. You can add your own transaction categories as well. Within an account, you can add or deduct specific transaction categories with all their details.

Alright so the main thing is if you are making a lot of payments or just need a quick simple and easy way to check your financial situation at any moment, this application is for you. It certainly makes the tedious work of maintaining a checkbook much easier and more efficient. I personally would not pay for such an application only because it is not necessary for me but for some of you out there this could be a life saver. So go out there and check it out. As always, have a great day my human counterparts. See you next time!?

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